=Giordano Farms Homemade=
 Fresh - Tasty - Locally Grown  

= About Us =

     Giordano Farms Homemade was created by Candice Giordano in 2009, while working with her family at their family farm.  Candice comes from a long line of farmers that go back generations.  She grew up as a farmers daughter.  Her father's parents owned Cherry Orchards on Berryessa Road, while her mother's parents grew fruits and vegetables in New Mexico.  They were known to grow the biggest watermelon in that area, and sweetest apples too.  
      Candice's parents met in 1969, and started their own agriculture farming business in 1970 with a roadside fruitstand, where they sold all the fruit and vegeatables they grew on land they leased in San Jose, California. Giordano Farms, the family business then moved to south San Jose in 1980 to 1996 where they continued to grow local fruits and vegetables. Their main goal was to provide the freshest, tree & vine ripened fruits and vegeatbles available to there customers daily. They were especially known for their "Super Sweet" corn, vine ripe tomatoes, and "Moorpark" apricots. 
      In 1996, they moved once again for almost 20 years south to the corner of Snell & Chynoweth in San Jose. It was on that land (Walter Cottle Ranch) where they grew orchards of cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, pluots, and figs.  They also continued to grow row crops of vine ripe vegetables, as well as pumpkins for their yearly pumpkin patch, red oat hay, and Christmas trees. 
      It was at that location that Candice created "Giordano Farms Homemade" and began making her fresh and tasty jams that she sold at their fruitstand on the farm.  It was important to her to use the freshest, and ripest fruits harvested from the farm to provide the uniquely rich flavors in her jam. Candice continues to use her grandma's jam recipes that have been passed down for generations.  What makes the jam so unique, is that the recipe uses more fruit than sugar.  We would rather use ripe fruit that contain enough natural sugar thats already in the fruit, which is what gives the jam it's bold fruit flavor. 
     Now, Giordano Farms Homemade jams are available at Andy's Orchard Fruitstand at 1615 Half Road, Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037.  Otherwise, you can call Candice at (408)761-6902 to place an order, and she can deliver to your door.    

= Locally Grown Fruit =

      What sets us apart, is that we make sure to provide jam that is made from locally grown fruit that is grown in California.   We believe it is important to support our local growers!  Besides, Santa Clara Valley is known to grow the tastiest fruits anywhere.   
  The only fruit that we use that is not grown in California, is Pineapple. We add Pineapple to some of our flavors to add a classic taste from recipes carried down through the generations in order to share with everyone.