=Giordano Farms Homemade=
 Fresh - Tasty - Locally Grown  

Following Flavors Available

        Giordano Farms Homemade's Strawberry jam is one of the most popular flavors that we make.   It's made by only locally grown vine ripened strawberries, that are picked at its peak.  We take pride in creating our jam with the freshest strawberries available to create the richest fruit flavor possible.  There is more fruit than sugar in every spoonfull!

         Giordano Farms Homemade's "Black Tartarian" Cherry jam is made with the freshest tree ripened cherries picked by a local grower out of Morgan Hill.  Andy's Orchard has partnered with us to provide the best flavored cherries available in the Santa Clara Valley.  They take pride in picking their cherries at the peak of ripeness.  Allowing us to provide the tastiest cherry jam to each and every customer, with some good old fashioned fruit flavor.   

              Giordano Farms Homemade's Triple Berry Jam has strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries blended together.  You will taste strawberry, with hints of blackberry, and raspberry at the end.  Very tasty, sweet, and a bit tangy.  Meant to please all the berry lovers out there.